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I've known this place when it was called "Singa's". That was more than 35yrs ago. Yeah, its been around that long. The food has never disappointed. Not yet, at least. Don't hesitate ordering delivery. Depending where you are, your order will be there. I normally go & pick it up my food but I wanted to try this option. No offense but I'll go & get my order myself. The walk will do me good. I've been away for while but now I'm back. With this new "online" option, makes for the perfect excuse to eat out on the weekends. I can't give enough praise to what this unique pizza parlor has to offer. Good people, good food. Just plain awesome. Not the pies. I always get toppings.


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Ordered while on the train after a 15 hour work day. Train got delayed. The delivery man made it to my house before I did, called to tell me he was there, and said he would wait for me as I was just getting off the train and was a few minutes walk away. He was kind enough to wait, in the rain, for me to get there instead of hanging the food on the door and moving on (which I would have been okay with, because I know their jobs can be time sensitive!). It was much appreciated, and the bacon pizza was fantastic. Will definitely order from here again.


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Def one of my go-to spots. 10" pies are perfect for the inner selfish in you that's not trying to dare share your beloved pizza.. Salads..? Bangin'..! Get the greek and don't you dare get it without the grilled chicken. Nah, for real, that chicken is holy moly guacamole good. Oh and they're quick so don't get caught up in the bao grammin' after you order..you gon misss that pizzaman mannnn!


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Moving away, will miss these guys. Huge bags of onion rings for a great price, best salad in the region (spring salad), crispy chicken burgers off the chains, pizza options are great. If you order dominoes or pizza hutt when you can order from these guys, then youre an idiot. You want Pizza? Get it from these guys, the experts. But they really do have so much more at great quality.


2 reviews
Mmmmm.... ordered the bacon cheeseburger & shish kebab platter and it was delicious! The meat on the burger was juicy af & the shish kebab was nice and tender! Fries w| the platter were nice and crisp as well as the salad. No wonder this place has been in the same spot for quite some time now. Go Famous Pizza and go get FAMOUS!

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Elmhurst Famous Pizza Reviews on Seamless


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My favorite pizza in NYC, I've been eating Famous since I was a baby and I fell in love ever since. They serve amazing 10 inch pies that are so amazing. Their a neighborhood favorite and everyone that I take there instantly loves them. Their Famous Special Pie is probably the best pie they have. They don't sell slices, but I think a 10inch pie is big enough to either chow down and get you full or share with at least one more person. They are worth the visit.


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Always pleased with Elmhurst Famous Pizza. I generally order them when I'm really hungry, since it's one of the few places to order from in the neighborhood that will get you the food quickly... and your order will be right. Very rare for local restaurants.
I really like the pizza because it reminds me of "Massachusetts style" more than NY style, and I love that style.


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My family has been ordering pizza from this restaurant for many years! It seems as if they began to skimp on the cheese for the regular pies, but they compensate for it by not pricing it as highly as everything else. On that note, everything is fairly priced and delicious! I highly recommend their extra cheese pies. The crisp crust makes it so worth it


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The pizza was really food. next time , will probably put less topping, because it's good with less. Great to know there is a good local pizza place.


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Very nice delivery guy!fast delivery as we'll god price for the size. Always order the six toppings pizza and the taste is gd too!

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